References from others after a Reiki treatment at Julèh Reiki.
I want such a treat at home too! It’s a lot nicer than my bed! “A child’s speech after a reiki treatment at Julèh Reiki.
I was pretty tight
But a willing ear
And a warm hand
Helped me through
Thank you juleh
By Robbert ‘
‘L. Has enjoyed … Also teenagers enjoy reiki at Juleh van Velzen. Just brings them back to repose, because they too,  often have a busy schedule. So recommended for kids and pubs! ” Mother about the treatment of her teenage daughter.
“Dear Juleh, Last year, I got to know you as a sincere and pure person. Your treatments are a good thing for humans. I sincerely wish you a beautiful practice. “
‘Juleh Reiki specializes in treating children with Reiki. Warm, loving and familiar. And of course the cuddles also get a treatment. “
‘Lots of Energy! Nice open communication in advance. Also after treatment good guidance and deepening
Recommended!  ‘Man 38 years old.
“Just had Reiki. Relaxation, without children. It’s been a long time, delicious. Just get used to it once you get back to reality with everywhere mobiles, cartoon sound, busy traffic. ‘Reaction after a reiki treatment..
‘The remote reiki is also recommended! Recently received a treatment of Juleh Reiki, after my treatment, a load of emotions was released allowing me to let go of the genes that I sat with and got back in my skin, very nice! After the time I had some contact to talk about what I found very nice there was a burden taken off my shoulders! ❤ Thanks Juleh Reiki! ‘Woman 25 years old

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