Reiki behandeling

Reiki is a benefit for body, soul and spirit. Reiki enhances your self-healing ability and supports you in a powerful and natural way.

A Reiki treatment is pleasant and works very relaxing. Through a treatment you get more balance and life force. Reiki helps to give emotional, physical and mental problems space for improvementt.

Reiki treatments in combination with other care:
a treatment does not replace a doctor’s consultation but offers a good addition to the process of healing. To become ill is a personal matter in a personal situation. So is the healing a personal matter. There is no right or wrong.

The importance is the fact that Reiki will accelerate and support the healing process. Reiki is not a fast-acting symptom approach  as it follows the process of improving the person’s self. Reiki has no side effects.


The word Reiki literally means ‘universal energy’. Although “vibration” might give a better
explanation of what Reiki is. This Japanese spiritual method works with soft touch.

Reiki activates the self-restorative ability, that leads to recover the disorder between soul, mind and body.


Inner balance is a good base for everyone to enter this world so full with impressions and experiences. It is for children of great importance because they are still discovering and exploring the world. You could say that if a dysfunction or disturbance occurs in a child’s balance, the child is unable to “cope” with the world around him. This may manifest itself in great restlessness fatigue, (nasty) dreams, lower self-esteem, less appetite, fast-paced, lethargy and the like.

Reiki can then bring relief. Often, a deep relaxation is felt. For children, Reiki is often
experienced as something natural. Many children watch their parents by lying down or sitting in a Reiki session.

In addition to children, I also help adults.

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