• Under the 12 years a single consultation costs 35 euros incl. VAT. With a duration of 30 minutes.
  • Over 12 years, a single consultation costs 75 euros including VAT. With a duration of 60 minutes.
Under the age of 12:
  • The “Better in Balance Kids” package: 4 sessions of 30 minutes:  125 euros incl. VAT. Save 15 euros.
  • The ‘Inner Support Kids’ package: 6 sessions 0of 30 minutes: 180 euros incl. VAT. To use within 8 months. Save 30 euros.
  • The ‘Life in balance Kids‘ package: 10 session of 30 minutes:  250 euro incl. VAT. To use within 12 months. Save 100 euros.
Over 12 years:
  • The ‘Better in Balance‘ package: 4 sessions of 60 minutes:  250 euro incl. VAT. Save 50 euros.
  • The ‘Inner Support’ package: 6 sessions of 60 minutes:  350 euros incl. VAT. To use within 8 months. Save 100100 eu.
  • The ‘package: 10 session of 60 minutes:  550 euro incl. VAT. To use within 12 months.. Save 200 euros.
Remote treatment. Every day during a week for 65 euro incl. VAT. Email and / or telephone contact possible during the week.
Terms and methods of payment.
You can pay in cash or by bank transfer (you will receive a tikkie request).
Change or cancel an appointment can be by email, phone or text message (no whatsapp). You can do this free of charge up to 24 hours for an appointment. Shorter in advance, the time reserved for you will be charged.
In case you have a restricted income, please ask for the options we can offer. Contact JulèhReiki.