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Treatment for children
A consultation often takes place in a sitting or lying position and one of the parents can remain present. 
Nothing is obliged and everything is allowed. For a child it is very nice to bring a (favorite) cuddle 
There is some toy material available to make the child feel comfortable. Treatment takes as long as the child feels comfortable with it at a maximum of 60 minutes.
The child that suffers chronically illness
The chronically ill child is next to the disease just also primary a child. 
Being visited by an amount of doctors and / or visiting hospitals is tiresome and leaves less time and space for the child’s needs. Reiki helps to make a child feel more and more child. Reiki helps cope with the chronic condition, process and deal with future or past operations and mitigates or eliminates the side effects of (heavy) drugs.
The Mental and / or physical restricted child
Mental and / or physical restricted children come in a great variety of types and sizes.
The amount of doctor visits and drug use is usually unimaginably heavy.. 
At Juleh Reiki we always look for a restricted and personalized approach.
The advantage offering Reiki means that it is not necessary to touch and / or  the possibility to introduce Reiki playfully.
Reiki supports what is needed at the time and does not have any negative side effects on other therapies and medication.
My work experience as an activity counselor at the Jorish House, an anthropomorphically setting for daycare for mentally and physically limited children, helps me to determine together with the parents a proper approach.
(High) sensitive children.
HSP stands for ‘highly sensitive persons’. This term was introduced by professor, psychiatrist Elaine Aron. She is self-highly sensitive and has written books about this particular innate feature. For more information on high sensitivity, check high sensitivity.
Features of Hsp children are:
The awareness is more detailed,more subtle and intense.
Great sensitivity to external stimuli.
Need more effort and more time to process impressions.
Have a deep and rich inner life.
Sensitive to moods and atmosphere.
Individual emotions and emotions of others are experienced more intense.
Quicker disturbed by stress, burden and physical complaints.
Run a greater risk of mood swings and fears.
Reiki can support HSP children at the needed occasion and inner level. 
My own experience as a hsp-person helps me to help these children recover their natural balance.
“I want such a treat at home too! It’s a lot nicer than my bed! “: A child’s speech after a reiki treatment at Juleh Reiki.
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