Reiki around the childbirth

During pregnancy and around the birth of your child, Reiki can give relief in, for example, pregnancy ailments, absorb the contractions and, after childbirth, accelerate your recovery on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

With Reiki you come to your own core and feel what is right for you.

After being blessed with motherhood three times, I know how intense the period before, during and after birth can be. You remain a woman and you are also a mother. I too struggle regularly to maintain my own balance.
Reiki helps me enormously with that. It gives me a point of rest from which I can view my life and that of my children with a fresh perspective. It makes me feel my body and my need, experience tiredness and feelings again. As it is a soft approach I land softly on both my feet.
The gentle approach makes Reiki ideal for the birth of a child. There is already so much going on in and around your body that I always found it very pleasant to just lay down with my clothes on, in a relaxed position, possibly under a blanket. With a soft hand on me and that was all. Just a really good moment for myself.

A Reiki treatment takes 60 minutes.

The remote Reiki is also recommended! After my treatment, a load of emotions was released so that I could let go of the situation that I was in. Made me comfortable under my skin again, very nice! Thanks JulèhReiki! ” Woman – age 25.
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