Help after maternity care

The moment has arrived. The most precious little creature lies in your arms and is no longer in your belly. You and your partner can finally get to work. Fortunately, there is the maternity care showing you how to take care of this small love bundle and how to feed it. When this period finishes you and your partner need to work it out togehter. It can get you flying in the beginning or you become unsure of it. What to do? Then help after the maternity care may be fine for you!

I will gladly support you and give you guidance so that you can come to yourself and (more) enjoy yourself!

July 2016, welcome their sister, my third daughter.

At 45 EU per hour I can visit 2/3/4 hours a day and help you with household tasks, taking care of the baby and yourself etc.
Being mother of three daughters, I have overcome and experienced many difficult situations.

I would like to help you where you would like to be helped.
If you have a low income you can always ask me about the possibilities!

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