Massages will be available soon at Julèh Reiki! I have been enjoying both Reiki treatment and classic massages for years and both of them have value for me.
Because I just started, I handle the 25 euro rate from August to September with a (critical) feedback from you!
Book a massage now to be sure of a place.
Massage is an age-old and well-known way to relax the whole body, feel the stresses in your body and let it go. It makes the body, soul and mind more connected and you can feel reborn, you better know what’s better for you and what you want in life.
Massage and Reiki are totally different ways to achieve the same goal. Reiki treatment activates your self-repairing ability, which processes and solves what is important for you at a specific moment, physical, emotional, psychological and / or mental levels. A classic massage works through your skin, your muscles, your connective tissue and bones On your intestines, chakras, your minds, your thoughts, and in another way you can let go and get deep relaxation. Though the effect of a Reiki treatment or a massage does not have to be the same, the state of deep relaxation seems to be very similar, but the treatment can work on other areas and layers. Therefore, I love both of these forms of relaxation and, with guidance, healing of  yourself.
A massage provides relieve when you have to deal with:
Back problems
Neck and shoulder complaints
Stiff muscles
Abdominal complaints
stiff muscles