About Julèh

The name Julèh origins from northern India, from the region Ladakh, with the capital Lèh. 

At the time, many Tibetans have fled to this place.
Julèh comes from the Tibetan greeting Tashi-de-leh. Julèh and Tashi-de-leh meaning ” The God / Goddess in me is greeting the God / Goddess in you.”
The Japanese Reiki symbol Hon Sha de Sho Nen can be interpreted or translated in several ways because the symbols have multiple meaning.
One  is ‘The God / Goddess in me greets the God / Goddess in you’ and another meaning is ‘no past, no present, no future’.
Julèh is the name given to me by my two parents. 
Since I can remember I was interested in children. What concerns them, what are their driving forces. I enjoy their creativity and immense vitality. 
After finishing the academy of fine arts I started to work as a babysitter, guest-parent, nutritionist and I started  a company organizing workshops with children on their birthday parties or in hospital, titled Dolls Doctor Anny; In this project I could combine creativity, sensibility and education about injury and cure, using the pets of the children as a tool..
Reiki has come my way after a traumatic experience. And greatly helped me to process and let go of this event. And to relax again. It helps me keep me in balance. In 2013 I started the Atlas Reiki practitioner training and in 2014 the Atlas Reiki Master training.
Because I’ve experienced that Reiki works so well, I’d like to introduce it to your child.
Received Reiki Initiations: Tera Mai 1, 2 and 3. Karuna Reiki 1 and 2. Usui Reiki 3.
Followed courses in Naturalized Cures and Body-Oriented Therapies: Yoga Teacher Training at the Ananda Yogacenter in Kathmandu Nepal, For several years I have been involved in Contact Improvisation Dance Lessons, Shiatsu Massage Course, Reiki Practitioner Training at Atlas Reiki in Amsterdam and Master Reiki Training at Atlas Reiki in Amsterdam, I completed the course Non-Violent Communication for Children, I complete the basic course for Intuïtive massage at Massage Marin.
Other courses completed: Masters Media Art at Minerva, Groningen,  Masters Didactic for Visual Artists at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Masters at the Pabo Waldorf education.
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